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Julie Angel

Julie Angel is a movement coach, artist, award winning filmmaker and author. After completing the world's first parkour themed Ph.D. she continued to move and learn from some of the best teachers and coaches with different approaches to movement. An eternal optimist, she now focuses on helping midlife women break free from the negative cycle of extreme workouts, diets, anxiety and injuries to developing a positive aging approach to sustainable strength and balance in life.

She uses Movement Snacks, Strong Resting, positive ageing and tools from parkour & natural movement to help people connect to and create a strong body and strong mind. Finding and creating your own fun, sustainable movement culture should be a fun practice that feels good.

She will present a movement session, along with Jared Tavasolian, entitled, “Movement Snacks - a solution for the extremes of modern life,” and will participate in a panel discussion on ancestrally inspired movement.