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Ede Fox

Seven years ago, Ede Fox turned her life around with a ketogenic then carnivore diet.  Decades of compulsive consumption of refined carbs and junk food led to obesity, joint pain, rising blood pressure & blood sugar, plus out of control asthma, allergies and eczema. Now at 50, she has reversed all those conditions, has tons of energy, lost 80 pounds and most importantly has a healthy way of eating that is sustainable for a lifetime!  Now Ede is on a mission to bring information about the carnivore diet to the Black community to help folks reverse diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic pain.  

Ede runs a carnivore coaching program, a growing Facebook community, hosts a Podcast, a weekly livestream on Youtube and is the founder of the Black Women in Low Carb Association.

Ede will moderate a panel on diversity and inclusion in the wellness space.